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Our Values:
Sustainable Socio-Economic and Environmental Change

At Fang Thai, we’re meticulous about every part of our process - from the lives involved to the resources consumed in production.

Deforestation is not the only issue within paper making, but the process itself is polluting all aspects of our environment - water, air, and soil - as harmful chemicals used in production cause paper waste to release methane gas while decomposing . We’ve taken great care in optimizing the mechanical pulping method to produce pulp that is completely chemical and chlorine free. Our bioremediation pools also enable us to reuse water from the process. 


We purchase our rice straw from local farms in Thailand, which would otherwise be subject to agricultural burning - setting fire to cultivated fields to prepare the land for the next crop cycle . We’re proud to provide a profitable alternative for the farms, and be part of a comprehensive approach to improving Thailand’s air quality. 2



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